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Flowers and Bottles

Flower Essence Blends

We have put together a range of off-the shelf Flower Essence Blends that can provide much support and relief for people, and help them manage debilitating symptoms and/or bring balance.


We are continuously developing more blends to suit the difficulties we are all facing collectively during these challenging times, as well as some of the most common manifestations that we see people needing support with in our practice. 

You have three options:

  1. Buy a Flower Essence Blend from here

  2. Create your own Blend (choosing a maximum of 5 flower essences listed further below)

  3. Book a Flower Essence Consultation with Nicole to discuss and uncover your most pressing concerns and have a blend customised for you.

Bach Flower Essence Blends currently available:


  • Grief & Loss Flower (e.g. bereavement, or any other loss)


  • Traumatic Grief & Shock (e.g. sudden or violent death)


  • Family Breakdown (relationship breakdown)

  • Self-Care (e.g. feeling depleted, overwhelmed by caring responsibilities, burnout)

  • Life Review / New Year  (e.g. re-evaluating values, direction and path and providing support to align to your life's purpose) -
    Aspen, Cerato, Gential, Hornbeam, Wild Oat

  • Make Your Own Blend (choose 5 from the list below).

Coming Soon:

  • Hope in Crisis (e.g. fearful of the future, fearful of world events such as war, climate / natural disasters, economy, health)

  • School Refusal (e.g. for children / teenagers feeling anxious about school, feeling different and lacking confidence)

Full A-Z List of Bach Flower Essences 

Agrimony – Unexpressed feeling and inner turmoil

Aspen – Apprehension, fear of the unknown

Beech – Critical, intolerant, judgemental

Centaury – Weak willed, subservient to others

Cerato – Lack of trust in intuition, inner wisdom

Cherry Plum – Fear of losing control, irrational thoughts

Chestnut Bud – repeating old patterns

Chicory – Possessive love, neediness

Clematis – Dreamy, unfocussed, ungrounded

Crab Apple – Cleansing on all levels

Elm – Overwhelmed by responsibilities

Gential – Easily discouraged, lacking faith

Gorse – Hopelessness, despair

Heather – Over talkative, inner loneliness

Holly – Anger, jealousy, suspicion

Honeysuckle – Living in the past, homesickness

Hornbean – Mental weariness, procrastination

Impatiens – Impatient, irritable, quick-tempered

Larch – Lack of confidence, expects failure

Mimilus – Known fears and worries, shy, timid

Mustard – Gloom, depression with no apparent reason

Oak – Lacking strength to carry on

Olive – Physical and mental tiredness, exhaustion

Pine – Guilt, self-blame, unworthiness

Red Chestnut – Fears for others safety

Rock Rose – Extreme terror, panic, nightmares

Rock-Water – Inflexibility, self-punishment

Scleranthus – Indecision, emotional balance

Star of Bethlehem – Shock and trauma, past or present

Sweet Chestnut – Extreme anger, despair

Vervain – Overly responsible, perfectionist

Vine – Dominating, needs to be right

Walnut – Adaptability to change, over sensitivity

Water Violet – Isolation, loneliness, pride

White Chestnut – Constantly circulating thoughts

Wild Oat – Seeking direction in life

Wild Rose – Apathy, lack of enthusiasm, boredom

Willow – Resentment, bitterness, blame

Revival Remedy – Emotional stabiiliser in situations requiring ‘emergency rescue’

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