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Separation & Divorce Counselling

Separation & Divorce Counselling

Separation counselling or breakup counselling, is a form of therapy designed to help people cope with the emotional challenges and transitions associated with the end of a significant relationship. It can be beneficial for anyone considering separation or divorce, or for anyone who is navigating the aftermath of a breakup.

Here are some key aspects that Nicole can typically help with in separation counselling :

Emotional Support
Separation counselling provides a safe space to express feelings of grief, sadness, anger, confusion, and other emotions associated with the end of the relationship.


Communication Skills
Counselling can help improve communication skills, which can be particularly important during the process of separation or divorce, especially if there are children involved.


Co-Parenting Guidance
For couples with children, separation counseling can offer guidance on co-parenting strategies and effective ways to navigate the challenges of raising children in separate households.


Coping Strategies
Counselling can help develop healthy coping strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and depression related to the breakup.


Identity and Self-Esteem
Can help rebuild sense of identity and self-esteem after a breakup, particularly if struggling with feelings of rejection or low self-worth.

Decision-Making Support
Support and guidance as women navigate important decisions related to separation or divorce, such as determining parenting arrangements,
dividing assets, making other life changes.

Goal Setting and Moving Forward
Can help set goals for the future and develop a plan for moving forward with their lives in a healthy and constructive way.


Separation counselling aims to help people navigate the emotional, practical, and relational aspects of ending a significant relationship, and to support them in building a fulfilling and satisfying life post-separation.

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