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"Owning our own story can be hard, but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it."
- Brene Brown

Counselling Services

I offer compassionate, trauma-informed counselling to anyone seeking a supportive environment to explore their grief, loss, or lost dreams , to make meaning, and rediscover their inner strength and hope for the future.   


Working collaboratively with you, I will help you reduce distress, gain new insights, and develop strategies and  skills that can empower you to be the narrator and co-creator of your story moving forward. 

Grief Counselling

Grief is a natural reaction to a significant loss and is a personal and unique journey. Grief may be due to the death of a loved one, a divorce, a change in role (e.g. carer) or health or job loss, lost dreams. There can be a range of physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural changes. These are all normal and can come in waves. Many people will manage their grief in their own time, but others may find it helpful to seek help if the loss was sudden or traumatic or if the feelings of loss are debilitating and don’t improve after time passes. 

Nicole can work to help you adjust to your loss and help you adapt to your new reality, find meaning and purpose. Grief counselling can help provide you with the space to talk about your loss, to help you express your emotions, exercises that might help you process your loss, and manage your distressing emotions. Nicole will work collaboratively and compassionately with you at your pace to help you adjust to your new reality.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a natural part of life that can help us complete tasks and meet deadlines, and it's a common response to a situation where we feel under pressure. It usually passes once the stressful situation has passed. However, prolonged periods of stress can, over time, have an impact on our health and wellbeing.

In counselling,  Nicole can help clients alleviate the symptoms of stress and anxiety which may arise from various areas of their life including work-related pressures, relationship difficulties, financial stress, traumatic experiences, or underlying mental health conditions. The strategies and techniques will vary depending on the individual, but may include EFT (Tapping), Mindfulness, Relaxation Techniques, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), 

Relationship Support

Providing support to clients seeking relationship support. conflict management, communication strategies, boundary setting, learning how to express needs. Nicole helps clients understand what makes up a healthy relationship and what are some of the warning signs of unhealthy or abusive relationships. 

Separation & Post Separation  

Nicole supports women coping with the emotional, practical and relational challenges of separation.  Helping  parents reduce conflict and improve communications, Nicole  works collaboratively to support them in adjusting to their new reality and  how to best support their children adjust to the separation.

Guidance on what children need from their parents during separation and factors to consider when drawing up parenting plans. 

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