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For anyone feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life's pressures or world events. Sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down, breathe, connect in with ourselves, check in with our senses. This pack reminds us to introduce or re-introduce those self-care strategies that help us connect in with ourselves. This might be remembering to have a cuppa tea, taking a relaxing warm bath, using a beautiful calming essential oil blend, a reminder to move your body or spend time in nature, self reflection and journalling, taking our flower essence drops. It's a chance to self-care and honour ourselves and maintain our wellbeing during stressful times.


The Self-Care Pack includes:


  • Self-Care, Stress Less Booklet with Self-Reflection Exercises
  • Self-Care Ritual Cards, Exercises and Coping Cards with Bamboo Card Holder
  • Notebook for Journaling
  • Organic Essential Oil Roller Bottle
  • Relaxing Bath Salts with Rose Petals
  • Relaxing Organic Tea (Unwind Tea by TeaLife with Lemongrass, Peppermint, Rosehip, Melissa Passionfruit)
  • Affirmation and Inspiration Cards for Self-Care and Self-Love
  • Golden Heart Card Holder
  • Stress Stone


Self-Care Pack - COMING SOON

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