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Image by Caley Dimmock

Care Packs &
Flower Essences


NLK Therapies has created a range of beautiful Care Packs to help you or someone you care about through difficult times,  The packs have been thoughtfully crafted to create a sense of calm and support, helping the receiver feel cared for and nurtured. The benefit of these packs are that they not only provide immediate relief and feed the soul with pampering products (locally sourced and mostly organic) and inspiration but also provide  therapeutic exercises and evidence-based tools to help process and make sense of their thoughts, feelings and circumstances helping them through the now and into the future.  We currently stock Grief Packs and soon to be released are Self-Care  Packs and Separation Packs for Men and Women.

Also available for purchase are a number of Flower Essence Blends which are aimed at supporting you on your journey - bringing comfort, clarity and confidence. These essences are safe and gentle and can be used by the whole family including children and pets

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