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About NLK Therapies

 Offering holistic support through counselling, care packs and flower essences

Our Services & Products

Helping you on your journey back to balance and hope. 

About NLK Therapies

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NLK Therapies offers comprehensive support to anyone facing life's challenges, whether it be stress and overwhelm, grief and loss, or separation or divorce.


Our support comes through traditional counselling therapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),  or through the use of our care packs or flower essences.



Compassionate, Holistic, Trauma-Informed

Nicole is a Registered Practicing Counsellor, offering a safe and supportive space for you to  work through your concerns.  


Offering In-Person, Online and Telephone Counselling, Nicole uses a person-centred, collaborative approach, and integrates evidence-based strategies to support clients on their journey. 

Supporting women through change and loss, Nicole uses acceptance and commitment therapy, strengths-based, solution focussed therapy, relaxation and mindfulness, motivational interviewing, and EFT (tapping). Book here.

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Care Packs

Gift packs for you or someone you care about

Whether it be for yourself or someone you care about, the Care Packs are a beautiful way to bring comfort, care, reflection and inspiration. There are Packs for grief, Self-Care and Separation.


Grief Packs include

  • a beautiful soy candle with essential oils and crystals

  • affirmation cards and inspirational quotes

  • a flower essence blend

  • relaxing organic tea

  • bath salts

  • a booklet with information, ideas on coping with and managing your situation

  • self-reflection exercises and some ideas on where to go for more information, resources or support

Explore the diverse support options on offer to empower yourself and those around you. Discover resources that inspire and provide the tools necessary to navigate challenging times, fostering a renewed sense of hope for the future.

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Herbal Oils

Flower Essences

Emotional support through Bach Flower Essences

Flower Essences to support you with distressing emotions related to stress, shock, grief, anger, anxiety and sadness. Flower essences can help bring you back into balance through the gentle yet powerful shifts to support your wellbeing. Read More 

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